Security Services

Commercial & Retail Security Services

With an extensive range of services that includes video security, access control and emergency communications systems, your company and employees can be assured of 24/7 security and peace of mind.

See more details below for some of the more common cabling services we provide such as Video Security, Access Control, Emergency Telephones and Panic Buttons.

Video Security

In an age where video security has become more affordable and efficient, Western Low Voltage can install a variety of video security solutions giving your company, employees and customers complete peace of mind. The installation of a networked video security system with either on-site or cloud storage delivers an uninterrupted oversight of your premises 24×7.

Access Control

Do you have certain areas or offices within your building that require securing, giving access to only certain employees or customers? Access Control is a solution that allows pre-determined access via a keycard or a code to your more sensitive locations. The hardware has minimal impact on the aesthetics of your environment and allows you complete control over all aspects of the system. Once installed, you manage what restrictions are in place, and who has access.

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Emergency Telephones / Panic Buttons

Many of our customers require precautionary systems in place in case of emergencies. Panic buttons and emergency telephones offer security in all business environments and allows for immediate notification in the event of an emergency.

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